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Posted by KyousukeMusic - August 15th, 2018

Oh, my beautiful god. I can't believe I've been inactive for a while. I'm back. I want to talk about where the fuck I have been over the weeks, possibly months.

My Name​​

I change my name (from basically everywhere) from mxbba to Charm88. My previous name sounded so fucking stupid. Who came out of nowhere and thought of a "cool ass" name? Me. People can barely pronounce my name correctly (I mean I had one livestreamer pronounce it correctly but they didn't know how to say my name, so they guessed and said "I dunno how to say that name"). I was expecting people to pronounce it em-ex-bee-bee-ay, but I didn't get the reaction I was expecting. So I just changed my name for the record, and you can call me "Charm88" or still "mxbba"- however the fuck you wanna call me.

My Profile Picture



When I first made my profile picture for mxbba, I had no fucking idea what I was doing. I just put a bunch of blurs and effects-here and there- and this is how it came out. This looks like I just made it out of fucking MS Paint or some shit. I kept it for more than almost 6 months before I changed it because I didn't like it.

My new profile picture was created in the same editing program, paint.net. I added a bunch of effects (especially glow, ilikethatone) to make this profile picture (which you are seeing right now). I love it. This could probably be my permanent profile picture until I just get the urge to create a new username and another profile picture. Feel free to give your opinions and thoughts about my profile picture! :smiley:

Geometry Dash and Other Games

I was so focused into these games that I (almost) completely forgot about newgrounds. This is the main reason why I've been inactive, because of video games. I'll try my very, very, very best to stay active for you fellow people of newgrounds, and I highly apologize for being so damn inactive.


School. Ah, school. The life. The education. The place where most people petition on.

I have been doing lots of homework over the summer break, and I mean a lot. Due to the fact that I'll go into yet another school year, there will barely be any chance of me being active. Stay tuned for more updates that are planned to be released.


That's all I have to say for today folks. And remember, eat your Lucky Charms.

Thank you.